1" Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Pendant w/ 24" chain

  • $129.99

This necklace features a large beautiful Natural One Inch long Herkimer Diamond.  The quartz diamonds selected for this necklace are 'A' grade; superior clarity with few inclusions, some natural flea ticks to the facets. 

The pictures shown is a representation of the necklace you will receive.  You will receive a necklace with a stone of similar quality or better. 

The chain is 24" long and is a twisted diamond cut serpentine cable chain.  It is a thick 2mm heavy Sterling Silver chain with a Lobster Claw clasp.  It is a very think, nice quality chain.

 The Herkimer Diamonds are mined out of the mines in Herkimer New York, USA. They were given the name 'Diamonds' due to the natural facets and superior hardness over normal quartz. Only a very small percentage of the crystals mined are considered gemstone jewelry quality.  These stones are hand selected for their quality.  Some stones may have rainbow inclusions, phantom crystal growths and in some rare instances in-hydro bubbles may be present.